~ "My one true desire is to be the human embodiment and positive voice of HIV/AIDS" ~


Dale Thele delivering the keynote address at the 2016 Hill Country Ride for AIDS opening ceremony
HIV/AIDS Advocate/Author/Writer/Speaker

"Dale, who has been diagnosed with AIDS, is one of Travis County's most well-known AIDS activist"- Central Health Austin

"Despite occasional health challenges of living with AIDS, Dale finds strength and unending energy in the countless opportunities he creates to help others. Dale is a force for good guided by unrelenting principles, thankfulness, and a tireless drive to make a difference in the lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS." - Prentiss Douthit, Ride Director, Hill Country Ride for AIDS

orn and raised in North-Central Oklahoma, Dale grew up in the small oil company town of Ponca City. After graduating high school, Dale attended two years at Oklahoma City University. He then traveled west until his southern roots beckoned him to the land of Dixie. He settled in Austin, Texas in 1984 and it's been his residence ever since.

Dale retired after 30 years in retail after receiving a Stage-3 HIV (advanced AIDS) diagnoses on World AIDS Day 2012. Currently, Dale is a central Texas grassroots HIV/AIDS Advocate, serves on the Austin Area Comprehensive HIV Planning Council, and champions human rights causes. He strives to be the human embodiment and positive voice of HIV/AIDS by living his life in a publicly transparent fashion.

Selected Quotes by Dale Thele

"My one true desire is to be the human embodiment and positive voice of HIV/AIDS"

"Live each day to the fullest - so that you raise the bar on tomorrow's accomplishments."

"I want to be remembered for WHO I WAS - not as a person who lived with AIDS"

"ACCEPT the positive, rather than EXPECT it; embrace the experience without disappointment."


"Navigating a life with HIV has detours and roadblocks,
but that's not an excuse to stop living."

"Caregivers are angels who walk among us, disguised as ordinary everyday people,
who time and time again answer prayers and make extraordinary miracles happen."

"Our hearts are the pulse of human empathy and care, the beats of hope, the rhythm of compassion, and the thump thump of desire to make our world a better place."

"When I look back on my life, I envision vignettes tied together with themed segues creating blocks of memories and learned lessons.
I transition from one phase of my life to another like chapters of a book;
hopefully bettering myself as each phase comes to a close
while reinventing myself as each new chapter unfolds."


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