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nce upon a time an infant male child was born breech, two days ahead of schedule (was supposed to be a Leap Baby) and everyone swore it was going to be a GIRL. So, he tolerated donning PINK for the first full year of his life.

Little-boy-pink spent the first sixteen years and five miserable months of his life in a small oil town; located on an oddly shaped parcel of land which separates Texas from Kansas. For those of you who aren't so keen on geography, it's sometimes referred to as Oklahoma.

Seven months before his seventeenth birthday, his parents kicked him to the curb for being Queer. Darn can ya image that? Took them long enough to figure that one out.

Somehow Little-boy-pink managed to attend college, at least two years till the friendly banker benevolently closed his severely over-drafted bank account. This was probably a blessing in disguise since Little-boy-pink worked two jobs to pay for college and was too pooped to attend classes.

Our boy got a stinkin' wild hair up his butt to go west, and that's just what he did. California or Bust! He arrived in sunny Long Beach, but the sun wasn't shining it rained cats and dogs for days on end. Oh yeah, that was the same time Long Beach had their historic, first-ever tornado. He thought he was free from those pesky twisters after he'd left tornado alley. But as luck would have it, that gall darn twister followed him all the way to the west coast.

For one year, Little-boy-pink managed to survive the spoils of the Golden State until one day he woke up to find himself broke and destitute. With few options available, he tucked his tail between his legs and returned to his hometown in Oklahoma. If it weren't for bad luck, Little-boy-pink wouldn't have any luck at all poor fella.

The next twenty odd years, our chap slaved his life away in retail management for various chain stores. One day he realized life was passing him by and he saw there wasn't much of a future ahead of him. Life was looking pretty darn bleak, as he traipsed around Oklahoma (dodging bill collectors attempting to collect on defaulted college loans). Finally, he stopped running and hung his Stetson and Tony Lama's in the Great State of Texas. Yee Haw!

Currently our boy is getting-by and sometimes scribbles a bit of fiction in Austin, Texas. Yup, he's very single. Ain't that a gall-darn shame? Someday, he believes (deep in his heart of hearts) a hunky bronco-buster will trot up on a snow-white stallion, sweep our boy up into burly arms and they'll mosey off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Hey, it's his frickin' dream, who am I to piss on his parade?

So boys and girls, that just about sums up our titillating tale of Little-boy-pink's measly existence on this planet earth, what little there is of it. I suppose, there may have been a few sordid details I may have carefully omitted. mostly out of respect for the innocent parties, whose names we won't divulge. Let's just leave those tales, my friend, for yet another time.

"If writing doesn't come from the heart, the time spent was a waste." ~ Dale Thele


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