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 Pronouns: He / His / Him

but associates with "Bitch" before morning coffee

Dale Thele -  Bestselling Author

Most of Mr. Thele's life has been a lengthy series of compulsions strung together by atrocious acts of stupidity and boredom. After raising heck in a sleepy north-central Oklahoma oil town for eighteen years, he ventured to Oklahoma City University on a quest for higher learning. He quickly learned “higher” education meant “elevating” one's mind with the aid of either a reefer or a bong, along with ample amounts of alcohol. Years later destiny lured Mr. Thele to Austin, Texas, where he currently lives vicariously through characters he congers up in twisted far-fetched fictional adventures.

His writing career began in 2008, influenced by authors like Timothy James Beck, Michael Thomas Ford , Mark Kendrick, and Bryan Healey.

Originally writing under an assumed name, today, Mr. Thele writes under his given name, penning mostly Southern Fiction which often includes an LGBT character or two; currently under contract with Fountain Literary Press. His works have garnered him the honor of being an Amazon Bestselling Author.

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