My life is far from being simply black and white, it's every hue of the rainbow.

Write what you know and be honest in what you write.



If one places people in neat little-labeled boxes, one misses out on the beauty of a diverse world.



Writing is about vulnerability; to extract the gut-wrenching pain pent-up inside

and exposing it through written words.


Just because a protagonist is gay, does not make for a gay story.



Sometimes the brightest smiles hide the deepest secrets,
the most beautiful eyes have cried the most tears
and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.



I'll never win a Pulitzer.
I'll never be a New York Best Seller.
But knowing my scribbles
entertained one person
makes it all worthwhile.



I wanted to tell the story of how I overcame, but no one would believe it.
Instead, I'm writing a fictional version—one that's more believable.



I'm not perfect, I don't claim to be
I've made mistakes, we all have.
I don't regret my mistakes

because I learned from them.
If given the chance to go back

to remedy those errors
I don't believe I would.
For without making those mistakes
I would not have become the person I am today.
Don't grieve the blunders you make

learn from them.
Become the individual you are meant to be.

I write to surrender what is privately concealed inside,

my fears, and what I'm reluctant to speak about.
Hoping my words may one day inspire someone

as lost and bewildered as myself.



Dale Thele - Author

If you’re struggling, please know that you don’t have to suffer alone.

There’s no shame in asking for help.

The Trevor Project 

TrevorLifeline – 1-866-488-7386


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255

It Gets Better Project

Trans Lifeline

Trans Lifeline – 877-565-8860 (US) 877-330-6366 (Canada)

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