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Fountain Pen Revolution Statesman Fountain Pen

A Classic Design

The brand-new FPR Statesman pen has a flat-top design that looks well-balanced. Personally, I don't care for the flat-top design, but that's my personal preference. It's a bit bigger than other pens from FPR, which makes it feel really important and dignified. Plus, the grip section is shaped in a way that makes it comfortable to hold.

Easy to Fill

You can fill the FPR Statesman pen in two different ways. You can either use a converter or a standard international cartridge. Don't worry, because the converter is included with the pen. So, you fill the pen the way you like best. I prefer the converter filling method because I can use any ink I prefer. The nib is a #6, stainless steel JoWo. I ordered my pen with an extra-fine nib.

Stylish Colors

The FPR Statesman pen comes in two awesome colors: Regal Blue and Sunburst Orange. The body, cap, and grip section are all made of acrylic material, which makes them look sleek and stylish. The cap is a screw-on rather than a snap cap which adds extra nib protection. I chose the Regal Blue.

Comes in a Presentation Box

When you get the FPR Statesman pen, it will come in a black FPR presentation box. It's like getting a special gift! You can keep the pen safe and sound in the box when you're not using it. The box makes for a great way to give the pen as a gift.

Note: I did not receive compensation for this review and I'm in no way associated with Fountain Pen Revolution, either as an employee or a contract employee.

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