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A brief look-see into my upcoming and planned books

Book #4 of the Shane Davison Chronicles Series


“Life is a carousel. It goes up and down. All U gotta do is just stay on.”  Pharrell Williams

Once upon a time, in a modern-day fairy tale, our protagonist Shane Davison stumbled upon a masked stranger at a charity masquerade ball. Things got heated, and they even shared a passionate kiss. But alas, Shane had to make a run for it, leaving the mystery man with only a sterling silver signature pinkie ring and a kiss tasting of Dentyne chewing gum to hold onto.

Now, our masked man is on a mission to find the rightful finger that fits the ring. Will it lead him to his one true love? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Shane is back in the dating game, with the help of his well-meaning friends. But let's just say, things don't go exactly as planned. Blind-date mishaps, anyone?

This ain't your grandma's Cinderella story. No fairy godmother, no glass slippers, just a lot of complications and a dash of 80s nostalgia. So buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride.


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Rated: ADULT - profanity, adult situations.

a play in one act

As the recently sold middle cul-de-sac house gets filled with boxes and furniture, four nosy neighbors can't resist the urge to peek through their curtains and blinds. These busybodies are determined to uncover the identity of the new mystery neighbor, and they're not afraid to use their large imaginations to do so. With phones in hand, these ladies eagerly discuss their theories and speculate about the potential qualities of their new neighbor. As they watch the movers hustle and bustle, these four women are eager to uncover the juicy details and add some spice to their daily routine.

Note: Work-in-Progressworking title and preliminary mockup cover design.


An intense story of a gay man—with a bounty on his head—risking everything,

he travels north in search of freedom in the “promised land”.

In the not-so-distant future, a group of ultra-conservative evangelicals successfully orchestrated a coup to place their presidential candidate in the Oval Office. As a result, the party now holds complete control over the US government, with a dominant presence in both the House and Senate. Behind closed doors, they have been quietly passing heinous laws that have had devastating consequences for the American people.

Their first round of laws targeted writers, authors, reporters, and journalists, making it a felony to broadcast or publish any written material. Libraries were seized and burned to the ground, while TV and radio stations were shut down and replaced by the Government Broadcasting Company (GBC). This was just the beginning of their reign of terror.

The evangelicals then declared war on the LGBTQ+ community, referring to them as illegal abominations. This led to the establishment of internment camps, which were modified US Army Bases located around the country, complete with barbed wire and military guards. The detainees, as the LGBTQ+ individuals were called, were lined up in front of large dugout pits, where gunmen with enhanced machine guns opened fire on them. The impact of the bullets caused the detainees to fall backward into the opening in the ground, resulting in instant death for most and severe injuries for others. The cries and wails of the injured rose from the depths of the open grave as another dozen or so detainees were lined up to be shot. The detainees begged and groveled for their lives before the gunmen obliterated them with bullets. There was no mercy, no justice, and no compassion because the extremist evangelicals were in charge of the country.

The mission of the evangelicals was to carry out God's plan to eradicate the perversion of homosexuality and to make the United States a Christian country, as the founding fathers originally intended. This was a dark and terrifying time for the American people, as they were forced to live under the oppressive rule of a group of individuals who had no regard for human life or basic human rights.

Marshall, a gay man who is also a highly accomplished author of gay fiction, whose face graced the covers of thousands of books he has penned. Despite his fame, he remains a fugitive from the military, who scours the streets in search of lawbreakers. His only hope for survival lies in making his way north to the fabled "promised land". While he has heard tales of this haven, he is uncertain if it truly exists. Nevertheless, he is determined to embark on this quest. Even if he fails to find the freedom he seeks, the pursuit is preferable to facing execution in a detention camp.

Note: Work-in-Progressworking title and preliminary mockup cover design.

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