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Ezekiel & Abrahim:

a fictional novel

Do you believe in witches, ghosts, and unexplained things that go bump in the night? If so, this tale is right up your alley...

Lost Creek Junction is a itty-bitty Texas Hill Country town that boasts a population of more ghosts than living, breathing folks. For two hundred-plus years, it's been a small, quiet town. Most of its residents were born and raised in these parts. They know everyone, all the local legends, and the folklore like the back of their hands.

Now, picture this: one beautiful May morning, not long ago, a stranger named Taylor Greene rolls into town on a bus. Buses only ever stop in Lost Creek Junction on rare occasions. Because of that, Mr. Greene is the talk of the town. Fresh from college in Austin, Texas, for summer break, Taylor drags his bags down the dusty main street and heads straight to the vacant house on the hill belonging to the late widow Blackburn. He walks inside like he owns the place, and guess what? Turns out he actually inherited it. Now, the ownership of that house has been a head-scratcher almost since it was built. It's had more owners than probably any building standing in Junction. It changed hands three times through poker games, once during a checker game, and was twice confiscated by the county for unpaid taxes. But somehow, Mr. Greene ended up with it, lock, stock, and barrel. No one knows how he's related to the ol' widow Blackburn (may she rest in peace). Still, he must be connected to her somehow to have inherited such a big, fancy old house.

This is where things get interesting. Enter Ezekiel and Abrahim, two bitter old partners from way back. These rowdy, obnoxious scoundrels are on a mission to avenge the witch that turned them into ghosts--two hundred years ago. In their endeavors, they stir up an ugly Hatfield and McCoy-style rivalry with Taylor when they discover the precious land that is supposed to belong to them is now owned by Mister Greene--a snot-nosed college kid. The residents of Lost Creek Junction, both alive and dead, join forces with Taylor to battle Ezekiel and Abrahim's ghostly shenanigans from obliterating their peaceful hamlet.


Note: Work-in-Progressworking title, synopsis and preliminary mockup cover design may be modified at any time.

Rated: ADULT - inappropriate for minors under the age of 18.

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a play in one act

As the recently sold middle cul-de-sac house gets filled with boxes and furniture, four nosy neighbors can't resist the urge to peek through their curtains and blinds. These busybodies are determined to uncover the identity of the new mystery neighbor, and they're not afraid to use their large imaginations to do so. With phones in hand, these ladies eagerly discuss their theories and speculate about the potential qualities of their new neighbor. As they watch the movers hustle and bustle, these four women are eager to uncover the juicy details and add some spice to their daily routine.

Note: Work-in-Progressworking title and preliminary mockup cover design.

Rated: EVERYONE - appropriate for all ages.

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