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Sneak Peek

A brief look-see into upcoming and planned works

Gold - FutureRelease.png
a play in one act

As the recently sold middle cul-de-sac house gets filled with boxes and furniture, four nosy neighbors can't resist the urge to peek through their curtains and blinds. These busybodies are determined to uncover the identity of the new mystery neighbor, and they're not afraid to use their large imaginations to do so. With phones in hand, these ladies eagerly discuss their theories and speculate about the potential qualities of their new neighbor. As they watch the movers hustle and bustle, these four women are eager to uncover the juicy details and add some spice to their daily routine.

Note: Work-in-Progressworking title and preliminary mockup cover design.

Rated: EVERYONE - appropriate for all ages.

Gold - FutureRelease.png
a fictional novel

An intense story of a gay man—with a bounty on his head—risking everything. He travels north in search of freedom in the “promised land”.

In the future, ultra-conservative evangelicals have taken control of the US government and passed laws targeting writers, authors, reporters, and journalists. They seized and burned libraries and shut down TV and radio stations, replacing them with their own Government Broadcasting Company. The evangelicals also declared war on the LGBTQ+ community, establishing internment camps where detainees are shot by gunmen with enhanced machine guns and fall into open trenches. Marshall, a gay author, is a fugitive from the military and seeks the fabled promised land in the north to escape execution in a detention camp. The evangelicals' mission is to eradicate homosexuality and make the US a Christian country, regardless of human life or rights.

Note: Work-in-Progressworking title and preliminary mockup cover design.

Rated: ADULT - inappropriate for minors under the age of 18.

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