"There exists a fine line between fact and fiction; call it a gray area where the two blur to become one’s worst nightmare." - unknown


The hand squeezing mine back is comforting. Over and over I've dreamt of this moment but never imagined it under such shitty conditions. If circumstances were different I'd be enjoying this very moment. But right now, I'm on the run. I gotta get away from them. They're out to get me.


Shit. They want me dead.


I don't know how this happened. Did I create them or is all of this just a fucked-up coincidence? Whatever it is, it's now a race of time. I gotta figure outta way to destroy them before they find me—or I'm a dead son-ova-bitch.


Am I going crazy? Is any of this real? I've no frickin' idea what to think anymore. My entire life is goin' to shit. I'm runnin' away—but to where? I can't think about what's to come—there's no time to make plans. I'm living moment to moment. The only thing on my mind right now is gettin' the hell outta here.


I'm literally runnin' for my goddamn life.





Coming in 2022

Rated: ADULT - profanity, adult situations.

Book Two

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