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Hit the Road, Jack

Took the big plunge and moved my blog and web pages from Wordpress to Wix. Why? I have nothing against Wordpress, they are a huge blogging host and they’ve been around for a very long time. Previously I was hosted on Wordpress, and before that, I was with GoDaddy. Both had service options I liked, but neither had all the options I wanted in a web host. Was it too much to ask for:

1. a host which offers a clean design without all the sidebars found on Wordpress

2. web pages along with a seamless integrated blog

3. easy to update on the fly

4. mobile friendly

5. MailChimp integration

6. Event scheduling and guest registration

7. SEO options

8. Google Webmaster Tools

9. Google Analytics

10. affordable web hosting

11. all the service options I need in one place - one hosting company

Yup, I want my cake and eat it too.

Searching articles written by authors of hosting suggestions lead me right back to Wordpress. Do all those authors get kickbacks for recommending Wordpress? However, I did run across a couple of mentions of Wix, so I checked them out. Wix offers paid and free hosting options. What impressed me most about Wix were the broad varieties of template choices. I’m not a big fan of templates. I tried templates years ago and ended up spending hours toiling over tweaking the scripts to get them to work accurately. So, It impressed me when I discovered Wix easy-to-use templates - select and drop the application options into the template. Then, if I wished to customize the applications or the template, it too was a snap. I played with a template for nearly a day; I paid nothing upfront to customize a complete website from a template. The process was so easy I was sold on Wix and I signed up for a premium account. No long-term agreements, I opted for a month-to-month basis to give Wix a spin. So far, I’m more than pleased with Wix. I have everything I want and more from one hosting company at an affordable rate. When it comes to hosting needs, everyone has different requirements and needs. For me, Wix has far exceeded my expectations. I may have just found my ideal hosting company with Wix.

For the time being I will continue a mirror blog on Wordpress, however, at some point that blog will be discontinued.

Note: This is not a paid endorsement for Wix.

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