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German-made REFORM "Quick Tip" Fountain Pen

Updated: May 8, 2023

As someone who loves fountain pens, I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try. Recently, I came across the REFORM Quick Tip fountain pen online at Pendemonium, and decided to give it a try.


The REFORM company was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in the late 1930s. They started out by supplying parts to other German manufacturers and were one of the first companies to use injection molding. While they became a large company, it wasn't until the early 1960s they began branding their own pens. Unfortunately, the company stopped trading in 1999. However, their fountain pens are of good quality and have good nibs with some flex. They are ideal fountain pens and will become more collectible as time goes on.

The Pen

The REFORM Quick Tip fountain pen is constructed of ivory and cream plastic with a black metal clip. It has a FINE anodized steel nib and came with a standard short cartridge with blue ink. It was made in Germany, but I'm unsure of its production date.


The main quality I love about this pen is how lightweight it is. It's probably the lightest-weight fountain pen I own. The lighter the weight of the fountain pen, the less fatigued my hand gets. I can write for longer sessions with lightweight fountain pens.


The pen came with one cartridge, but I might continue to use cartridges with this pen since I have a lot of them. I prefer my pens to be eye droppers or use converters, so I can choose the brand and shade of ink I wish to use in my pens. I'm not a big fan of cartridges, but it seems fitting for this particular pen.


Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase of the REFORM Quick Tip fountain pen. It's a great lightweight option for those who are just starting out with fountain pens or for those who want a simple, basic writer. Plus, it's always fun to add a new pen to my collection!

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