Harvest Moon - short story


An itty bitty ditty of unexpected encounters under the glow of a Harvest Moon. (short story)

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Rated: ALL AGES - appropriate for all ages.

Roadhouse Friday - short story


An unidentified individual lets his imagination roam as he weaves detailed fictional stories based on his observations of the folks he encounters during a Friday evening at the Roadhouse Diner. (short story)


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Rated: ALL AGES - appropriate for all ages.

Masked Identities - novella
Revised on February 28, 2021


Brooke thought she had read every book in Grandad's collection of fiction until she stumbles upon an unfamiliar title. Curious, she delves into the book, realizing her relationship with her boyfriend of four years parallels the story she is reading of Ezra and Christian. Can a Victorian tale of forbidden love between two men provide the answers to salvage her floundering relationship?


This unusual story is a period tale wrapped inside of a contemporary story-line. The interior tale follows the relationship of two men in 1890 Victorian London, the outer story follows Brooke and Chase in upstate New York in a present-day setting. The manuscript crosses genre-specific lines; gay/hetero and period/contemporary. Definitely not a traditional run-of-the-mill read, but a journey into alternative fiction. (novella)

Rated: MODERATE - (PG/PG 13) implied sex & intimacy.

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Amazon Best-Selling Author, Dale Thele, presents 7 stirring tales of Gay Romance, Lust, and Fantasies. Stories you'll want to read with the window blinds closed.

Storm of Passion—sexual tension mounts between two lifelong friends (one straight, the other gay) until ultimately something must give.

Pulpit To Porn—a young, handsome pastor must make a hard compromise between faith and family.

First Time—two teen boys explore a mutual attraction for each other.

Condo Stories—4 steamy condo-themed fantasy vignettes: New Neighbor, Hot Tub, Swimming Pool, and Trick-or-Treat.

Sizzling Gay Fiction with tantalizing heat.

Rated: ADULT - inappropriate for minors under the age of 18. Graphic gay sex and adult language.
Clipped Wings - novel

2022 Lambda Literary Award Nominee


a novel

Teenage years aren't easy,

especially when the world is out to get you!

Shane reveals a poignant coming-of-age narrative of growing up in ultra-conservative, north-central Oklahoma in the early 1970s, told entirely from Shane’s teenage perspective. From triumphs to disappointments, his story unravels a tapestry of secrets and lies, exposing deeply hidden skeletons in closets that should never see the light of day. A fictional novel, inspired by actual events.


Small town secrets lead to a roller-coaster read.

Clipped Wings is the first novel of the Shane Davison Chronicles series in which Shane shares his life experiences. From childhood through adulthood, he shows the similarities and challenges he faces as an out, gay man in a predominately straight world. No matter, if you are gay, bi, straight, or anything in between, you will certainly relate to his experiences. Maybe not the identical experiences, but those that are similar. As Shane demonstrates, all of us live on the same earth and share many related challenges, triumphs, and obstacles as we forge through the journey we call life.


Reader Comments:


"Makes me cry"

"Can feel the anxiety"
"Brings back memories - some good, some not"

Rated: ADULT - profanity, smoking, drug & alcohol use, dysfunctional family situations, implied sexual relations, homosexuality, homophobia, and graphic violence

Book One

Blurred Lines - novel



What does one do when reality and fiction collide catching you off guard in that gray area in between, that place where lines blur and your worst nightmares come to life?

Shane Davison pens a fictional short story for a college writing class assignment that goes haywire as boundaries between fiction and reality become obscured. The warning signs are there, but go unheeded as the work-in-progress is "just a class assignment." Or is it becoming more than just fantasy, seeming so real-to-life in fact that people’s lives could be at risk?

Coming in 2022

Rated: ADULT - profanity, adult situations.


Book Two

UNICORNS 07.30.2021-300x440.png



“There are some who went off in search of unicorns, but found only rhinoceros.”

Laurent Binet


Shane settles into the “normal” life he’s always craved, unaware his reality is about to turn messy and complicated; split between his own budding romance while being supportive of a co-worker’s gay teen son Dexter. Homophobic hate, lies, and misunderstandings lead Dexter into a dark place, a dimension Shane may be powerless to save the teen. All the while, Shane has his hands full with his new beau, Michael. A relationship which on the surface seems to be going swimmingly, but underneath the sunny veneer, lurks chilling secrets.

Coming in 2023

Rated: ADULT - profanity, adult situations.