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Large Pottery Stein-Style Mustache Mug

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Large Pottery Stein-Style Mustache Mug
Large Pottery Stein-Style Mustache Mug

This extra-large mustache mug is made from fired stoneware clay and holds 16 oz of liquid. This mug keeps the mustache dry with the help of the interior mustache guard. The guard allows one to drink a foamy latte or a beer with foam without messing up one's mustache. Made from stoneware clay and it's dishwasher, microwave, and food safe. The handle is large for an easy grip, even for someone with large hands. The outer glaze is a variation of teal to light turquoise and the inside is a butter-yellow glaze.

Built in mustache guard
Built in mustache guard

The original mustache cups and mugs were developed in the Victorian era to protect the waxed mustache and not stain the hair, especially for white or gray mustaches. I don't wax my stache daily so a mustache mug helps to keep my stache dry and prevents unwanted dribbles.

Made in the USA around 2018
Made in the USA around 2018

This mug is a contemporary model, made in the USA around 2018. It's approximately 5” tall x 5.5" wide, with a large handle that is 3" in diameter. I like the looks of this mug, but it's extremely large and cumbersome, not to mention quite hefty. Unfortunately this mug isn't used often, it's more for “show” rather than for use.

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