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Vintage Footed Mustache Cup & Saucer from 1910s

This is a unique footed hexagon Mustache cup and a fluted saucer with extensive gold trim, unmarked but the seller believed it is of German origins. The cup and saucer set was made in the era when large mustaches were in vogue - 1860 to 1919 - to protect the drinkers mustache. This is a right handed cup. The background color is yellow with a hint of lime green to it. The design depicts white clover like flowers, and possibly raspberries. All the leaves and stems are gold.

The set is made of thin semi-translucent porcelain china (light does shine through both pieces when held up to the light). This is one of my favorite sets to admire, but being so slight in weight, it's not practical for frequent use. Reserved for special moments.

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