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New Release: BLURRED LINES the Novel

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Book #2 of the Shane Davison Chronicles Series entitled BLURRED LINES picks up several hours after we left Shane waiting for a bus to take him to Oklahoma City (conclusion of Book #1 CLIPPED WINGS). If you recall, he’d had one really crappy day. It started in the early morning hours when the police came to his house and took him into custody. After that ordeal resolved itself, he went home, where he and Mr. Davison got into a major altercation. This resulted in Shane unintentionally outing himself. In turn, Mr. Davison kicked Shane out of the house, leaving Shane without a family or a place to call home. But his day wasn’t over yet. He then had a huge argument with his best friend. Friendless and homeless, Shane bought a one-way bus ticket to Oklahoma City. BLURRED LINES resumes two hours later after Shane arrives at OKC. A new adventure begins...

Video book trailer for BLURRED LINES

BLURRED LINES is Rated: ADULT - profanity, smoking, drug & alcohol use, implied sexual relations, homosexuality, homophobia, and violence.

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The first book in the Shane Davison Chronicles Series, CLIPPED WINGS, is a 2021 Amazon Bestselling Novel.

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