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My Newton Pens Shinobi Fountain Pen

Clear Shinobi Fountain Pen

This fountain pen is one of my more expensive pens in my collection. I commissioned Shawn Newton, a fountain pen maker (since 2012) based in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to make this pen for me in 2016. The pen is a desk pen hand-turned of translucent acrylic. It’s called a “desk pen” because it doesn’t have a pocket clip and one side of the pen is flat so the pen doesn’t roll off the desk surface. The nib is a Jowo #6 stainless steel Extra Fine point and arrived with a standard ink converter. I prefer filling the pen with an eyedropper as it holds a ton more ink than with the converter. The cap doesn’t post, which if it did, would make the pen awkward in the hand, not to mention extremely top heavy. This is one of my favorite pens, in that it was made to my exact specification by a truly talented USA fountain pen maker.

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