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My Newton Pens Shinobi Fountain Pen

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Clear Shinobi Fountain Pen

This fountain pen is one of the more expensive pens in my collection. I commissioned Shawn Newton, a fountain pen maker (since 2012) based in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to make this pen for me in 2016. The pen is a desk pen hand-turned of translucent acrylic. It’s called a “desk pen” because it doesn’t have a pocket clip and one side of the pen is flat so the pen doesn’t roll off the desk surface. The nib is a Jowo #6 stainless steel Extra Fine point and arrived with a standard ink converter. I prefer filling the pen with an eyedropper as it holds a ton more ink than with the converter. The cap doesn’t post, which if it did, would make the pen awkward in the hand, not to mention extremely top-heavy. This is one of my favorite pens, in that it was made to my exact specification by a truly talented USA fountain pen maker.

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