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The Magic of White Space in Writing

The Magic of White Space in Writing
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The Writer's White Space

Before I start writing a new story, I make sure I'm comfortable at my desk. I adjust the cushion on my wooden banker-style chair and get settled. Then, I grab my favorite fountain pens and fill them with different colored bottled inks. I always choose pens that are lightweight and fit nicely in my hand. Once my pens are ready, I open my college-ruled composition notebook to the second page. As I turn the page, I feel a slight roughness in the paper. It's made from crushed and pressed pulp, giving it a unique smell. The page in front of me is blank, except for the fine blue guidelines that help me write straight. Soft instrumental music plays in the background, helping me stay focused and blocking out any distractions.

The white space on the new page doesn't scare me at all. It excites me because I know I'm about to embark on a journey. An expedition where there are no limits or expectations. I'll create an adventure using only words and thoughts, filling the pages of my notebook with my made-up story.

Examples of white space
Red Indicates White Spaces

The Reader's White Space

White space isn't just for writers, it's also for readers. When you read a book, you experience white space too. The way the text is formatted can give you hints about what's coming next. Sometimes, a dramatic dialogue or an emotional moment is highlighted by leaving blank spaces or breaking up paragraphs into smaller pieces. These empty spaces on the page make those moments even more special for you as a reader. They are intentionally placed there to help you feel the emotions the writer wants to convey. Additionally, white space, like the blank space on chapter pages, gives your eyes a moment to rest. Just like taking a break between physical exercises, your eyes need a break too.

In Conclusion

So, the next time you read a book, take a moment to appreciate the white spaces. They are there for a reason and serve a purpose for you as a reader. And when you pick up a book, imagine the white space the writer encountered before he/she/they even started writing. It was originally a blank canvas waiting to be filled with words, creating the book you hold in your hand.

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