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Eww! A Rag!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

No. This is not just any ol’ rag. It’s a fountain pen enthusiast’s ink rag. This swatch of cotton fabric represents the colors of bottled inks I’ve used over the past four years. Each time a fountain pen is re-inked, the pen and or the nib are wiped of excessive ink. Over time, the ink rag has grown into a story of inks used by this fountain pen enthusiast. This particular rag represents ink blots from various inks like the highly sought-after vintage Script Peacock Blue, traditional inks, limited edition inks, and contemporary boutique inks. Eventually, this rag will be mounted in a glass frame and hung on the wall as a trophy. Until that time, this rag will continue to amass a record of bottled inks which grace my fountain pens.

Each blot represents countless hours of fascination observing the flow of ink from a fountain pen nib onto paper. There’s a sense of tranquility and nostalgia as the wrist and fingers guide the nib across the paper, leaving a trail of liquid ink in its wake. Countless grocery lists, notes, and articles written with the many inks have tinted this fabric swatch. This rag chronicles my pilgrimage through the use of fountain pens. Call me old-fashioned, call me a nerd, a weirdo, it doesn’t alter my love of fountain pens and inks. Maybe you call it an “obsession”, I prefer the word: fascination. Until one experiences the sensation of a superbly balanced fountain pen becoming one with the hand; effortlessly guiding a smooth nib across the paper, leaving behind a trail of pigmented liquid in its path; then, you too will realize the allure of the wonderfully fabulous fountain pen.

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