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New Release: CHASING UNICORNS the novel

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

CHASING UNICORNS, book #3 of the Shane Davison Chronicles was released on March 9, 2023, in both Kindle and Paperback. Three days later, the novel hits Amazon’s Best Selling List. All three of the first Shane Davison Chronicles novels have been Amazon Best Sellers.

Shane settles into the “normal” life he’s always craved, unaware his reality is about to turn messy and complicated; split between his own budding romance while being supportive of a co-worker’s gay teen son Dexter. Homophobia lies, and misunderstandings lead Dexter into a dark place, a dimension Shane may be powerless to save the teen. All the while, Shane has his hands full with his new beau, Michael. A relationship that on the surface seems to be going swimmingly, but underneath the sunny veneer, lurks chilling secrets.

Inspired by actual events.

CHASING UNICORNS video book trailer:



CHASING UNICORNS is now available to purchase in Kindle or Paperback from Amazon

CHASING UNICORNS is rated: ADULT - profanity, adult situations, drug use, smoking, drinking, dysfunctional family situations, violence, homophobia

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