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Antique Mustache Cup and Saucer - Fine China Rose Pattern with Gold Trim

Antique Mustache Cup and Saucer

The Set

This vintage porcelain china cup and saucer set is decorated with a pink rose pattern. It is in very good condition, but there are some minor brown marks on the inside of the cup. The set is very lightweight and came with a gold-plated demitasse spoon. The cup handle is a bit awkward to hold, and some people think it might be a ladies' tea set because of the flowery pattern. But, I must disagree, unless the set was made especially for the bearded lady at the circus.

Antique Mustache Cup and Saucer

The History

The Etsy seller who sold me this set didn't know much about its history. There are no marks on the set, but the seller claims that there was a paper description stuffed inside the cup when they acquired it. The paper provided an approximate age for the cup.

Antique Mustache Cup and Saucer Info


I purchased the cup and saucer set about 6 years ago because it is distinctively different from my other mustache cups and saucer sets. This pair made a delightful addition to my collection.

Antique Mustache Cup and Saucer

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