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Vintage REFORM School Fountain Pen: A Simple and Reliable Writer

REFORM School Fountain Pen
REFORM School Fountain Pen


This fountain pen is a vintage writing tool that was made in West Germany during the 1970-80s. It is made of red celluloid and has a stainless steel fine (F) point nib. The pen can use a cartridge or a converter, or it can also be converted to an Eye Dropper.

REFORM School Fountain Pen Capped
REFORM School Fountain Pen Capped


Although this fountain pen may seem basic, it has some great features. It is lightweight, making it easy to write for long periods. It can hold a lot of ink if converted to an Eye Dropper, which means you won't have to refill it as often. Not only that, but it also requires minimal maintenance and is a reliable writer.

REFORM School Fountain Pen Clip
REFORM School Fountain Pen Clip

Why I Love It

As a fan of school pens, I adore this vintage fountain pen. It may not be the most stylish of pens, but it is simple and easy to use, which makes it perfect for everyday writing.

REFORM School Fountain Pen Nib
REFORM School Fountain Pen Nib

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